Innovation Over Fifty Years: Focus on 2000s

Innovation Over Fifty Years: Focus on 2000s

Starting in 2003, PUI Audio embarked on a series of innovations that focused on transducers and audio applications. It was in 2003 that the smallest surface mount transducers in the world were launched by PUI Audio, measuring 5x5x2mm.

In 2004, a Mil-Spec spray coating was offered for the paper cone of speakers and production was diversified to locations all across Asia.

In 2005, PUI Audio developed a transducer able to handle reflow at 260 degrees Celsius for 6- seconds.

In 2006, PUI supplied parts for the Apple iPod and in 2007, released the industry’s first side firing washable transducer.

The company’s name was also changed from PUI Audio Products Division to PUI Audio.

The decade’s innovation rounded out with the surface mount speaker being released.

Stay tuned to next week’s post to see what was accomplished in the 2010s.

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