Educational Outreach Initiative

Engineering students: It’s time to be heard!

Students in engineering or electronics programs around the world have a new chance to “Be heard!” with the introduction of a new initiative from PUI Audio that will be donating audio and sensory components to engineering schools internationally.

If you are an educator or a student involved in engineering, electronics, robotics or audio at any level, we want to help support your program with the donation of an educational outreach package of components and supporting materials.

We will be supporting more than 20 programs this year with packages of components and supporting materials in an effort to support the future of engineering.

We consider this a small gesture, but one we are hoping will make big waves in supporting engineering and electronic programs and students around the world. Students are bursting with creativity, and our hope is that with the donation of components and supporting materials, we can help them make some noise with their ideas. Audio engineering is a sensory experience. With the introduction of the educational outreach program, we are working to ensure there are more opportunities for students to feel heard, so their passion grows for the industry.

Educators or students in programs that could benefit from the educational outreach mission can request materials by clicking the button below