Industries we serve

PUI Audio aims to be the global leader of innovative audio solutions.When it needs to be heard across industries, PUI Audio ensures important information is heard–and felt–clearly, quickly and efficiently.

A medical monitor in the foreground displays patient stats while a group of medical professionals perform surgery in the background.


PUI Audio can power the patient experience, ensuring vital information is communicated and understood, keeping the focus on patient care.

Commonly used products

  • Patient monitoring equipment
  • Diagnostic imaging equipment
  • Patient entertainment
  • Defibrillators


Audio is a crucial component in security devices and settings to keep you safe and aware of critical situations.

Commonly used products

  • Metal detectors
  • Retail alarms
  • Elevators
  • Smoke alarms
a 3d rendered image of a forklift in a warehouse


PUI Audio ensures alerts and monitors are heard when sound is responsible for ensuring safety and accuracy.

Commonly used products

  • Charging stations
  • Gas detection
  • Elevators
  • Construction equipment
a 3d rendering of a wireless payment point


PUI Audio is responsible for ensuring your products provide your customers get the most from your products.

Commonly used products

  • Touchless payment systems
  • Ovens
  • Baby rockers & sleeping beds
  • Device Sterilizers