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When it needs to be heard in a industrial setting.

PUI Audio ensures alerts and monitors are heard when sound is responsible for ensuring safety and accuracy. When it needs to be heard, PUI components keep people safe by alerting the presence of important elements in an industrial space, including construction equipment, moving vehicles and gas detection and chemical levels. In other ways, audio alerts, become second nature, alerting people that important everyday equipment is functioning properly and keeping people moving throughout their business.

Charging Stations

Audible feedback provides safety and user friendly design.

Charging Stations for workplaces, multifamily residences, fleet depots, commercial businesses and industrial settings are designed using cutting-edge hardware technology to be safe and reliable, while offering drivers a user-friendly, premium charging experience with audible feedback coming through a PUI Audio custom engineered dual speaker assembly.

Gas Detection

Alert users through sound with the power of audio transducers.

Audio is crucial in alerting users through sound to the presence of gas or other chemicals. Gas and other types of monitors make use of a customized audio transducer with gold plated leads as the primary source of alarming features to keep spaces safe.

Audio plays a crucial role in the environmental experience with safety in mind.


Functional features affirmed with sound.

Audio within elevators alert users to functional service features, as well as those moments when something goes unexpectedly wrong. The difference between an affirmative beep and a noticeable buzz communicates much to elevator passengers, guiding them to proper elevator usage.

Construction Equipment

Audio alerts that overcome all environment types.

Alerts on construction equipment keep operators and surrounding employees safe and moving in the right direction. It’s important that audio alerts be loud and noticeable enough to let people know the proximity and direction equipment is moving, keeping workplaces safe and work moving forward.

Sounds alert people to danger and prevent accidents.

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