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Who We Are

PUI Audio is Ingenuity

PUI Audio aims to be the global leader of innovative audio solutions. When it needs to be heard across industries, PUI Audio ensures important information is heard clearly, quickly and efficiently.

Our company history shows a commitment to pushing the industry forward, but our focus on the future shows our willingness to push the boundaries of what is possible and develop new and innovative solutions that actually do.

A commitment to innovation

Founded in 1972, we strive to provide the world with the most comprehensive line of high-quality audio components and innovative custom solutions, by applying our unique design approach and world-class customer care.

We believe integrity is the cornerstone of our success and strive to provide our employees a safe, clean, fulfilling, and enjoyable environment that allows them to achieve personal goals and advance their career development.

Strategic partnerships we have developed with Medical, Industrial, Security, and Consumer Electronics manufacturers over the past 42 years have placed our audio components into products you use every day.

The world is becoming more dynamic every day. Globally, our team strives to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s world through collaboration, a strong sense of urgency and accountability, and a passion for audio. See what we can do for you today!

We are passionate about quality

The Policy of PUI Audio is to be a growth-oriented world class provider of Quality products and services committed to satisfy applicable requirements, consistent with an acceptable return, to ensure a future for our stakeholders, while continually improving the quality management system.

What makes PUI Audio unique?

100% in-line testing during production, followed by 100% end-of-the-line testing and before anything leaves the manufacturing facility, there is a final inspection performed by the QA department. When the product reaches our Dayton, Ohio headquarters, an additional ANSI standard Z 1.4 sample lot inspection is carried out. All test data is digitally captured to identify and analyze trends. Only then do we ship parts to our customers.

PUI Audio is the choice of thousands of audio product customers, from garage entrepreneurs to the world’s leading medical device manufacturers. Every day we exceed our customers’ expectations with intricate testing, superior customer service, and informed local representatives and engineers; this is what sets us apart and it’s a big reason why PUI Audio should be your only choice for audio solutions.

A half century of innovation

PUI Audio was founded in 1972, manufacturing solid-state buzzers. Rapid growth of telephone test sets led to the introduction of a new term in the industry: the audio indicator. Our solid state products quickly replaced older, less reliable mechanical buzzers, and in 1974, we introduced the Dip Alarm® and Dip Flash®; the first circuit board-mountable audio devices.

Today, our products are still proudly crafted to the highest possible standards. Our agility comes from a comprehensive network of distributors and manufacturers’ representatives. This allows us to extend our value to customers worldwide.

But the reason we’ve become a world-class audio leader, unparalleled in global coverage, products, service, and support, is because you simply can’t get a higher quality audio device.

Mission & vision

PUI Audio’s vision

To be the global leader of innovative audio solutions.

Our mission

To provide the world with the most comprehensive line of high-quality audio components and innovative custom solutions, utilizing our unique design support process and world-class customer care.

Our core values

Customer Focused | Passionate | Sense of Urgency | Accountable | Ethical | Collaborative

PUI headquarters


Only one place, PUI Audio—Dayton, OH—the birthplace of aviation and home to innovation. 

Brokers can sell you a part, but they can’t provide support through the design and manufacturing process. PUI Audio has the staff and multiple test systems (including mobile on-site testing in your facility) to replicate customers’ manufacturing and testing processes in order to identify issues, troubleshoot product designs, and suggest solutions.

We also have the capability of storing all test data electronically for instant review and analysis, saving everyone guesswork, time, and effort.


PUI Audio is audited yearly on our processes and systems to maintain our ISO 9001:2015 certification.