When it needs to be heard to keep you safe.

Audio is a crucial component in security devices and settings to keep you safe and aware of critical situations. When it needs to be heard, audio alarms and notifications can have a tremendous impact on reaction times, streamlining response and keeping people and possessions safe.

Metal Detectors

Keeping you safe by audibly checking for materials in our environment.

Alerts on metal detectors keep space safe, alerting security professionals to the presence of potentially unsafe and harmful materials entering secure locations.

Retail Alarms

Dissuade potential theft before it happens with sound.

The sound in retail alarms needs to be loud enough to alert employees of merchandise leaving a location when it shouldn’t be. Loss prevention professionals rely on the audio components of the alert being loud enough to alert the security team as well as frighten shoplifters and dissuade potential thieves.

Audio plays a crucial role in the retail experience with loss prevention in mind.


Maintain clear and audible communications.

The availability of intercoms is an important security measure for public spaces. Maintaining clear and audible communication systems through intercoms allow team members to communicate with each other and customers clearly and concisely, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Smoke Alarms

Detect risk with sound and alert those in need.

Audible alerts on smoke alarms move people from spaces quickly when a risk is detected. Sounds are also used to keep systems in top working order and alert professionals when systems need servicing.

Glass Break Sensors

Keep spaces safe when people aren’t present with sound.

Glass break sensors keep spaces safe when people aren’t present, emitting loud alarms to alert people outside protected areas of a safety concern and direct security professionals and law enforcement to the correct areas.

Dissuade break-ins and prevent loss with audible warnings.

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