a 3d rendering of a wireless payment point

When it needs to be heard at home or on the go.

PUI knows consumer electronics. Whether it is in your home or with you wherever you go, PUI knows that notifications, sound quality and sensory alerts are important on all of your consumer electronics and devices.

Touchless Payment Systems

Touchless Payment Systems include wireless receivers that allow for instant acceptance of any contactless payment or donation.  Each unit functions as an autonomous POS system, enabling touchless transactions without additional equipment. Touchless payment systems include two PUI Audio speakers with a flex circuit assembly to allow for variation in sound.


Ovens utilize a high-end oven control board for audio notifications that are important for navigating the cooking process. Important audio notifications alert users to time constraints, alarms and food when it is done, as well as successful programming and timing for food.

Baby Rocker & Sleeping Bed

Automatic baby rockers and sleeping beds sense, soothes, monitors and responds to a baby’s needs leading to better sleep for babies. The importance of sound and sensory alerts in baby rockers aren’t just important, but necessary.

Device Sterilizers

Sanitizing devices designed for minimizing germs and transmission from cell phones utilize a small dynamic speaker to provide audible feedback to the user that sterilizing is complete, keeping users in the loop and alerted to completed processes.

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