We Visited IEEE Haptics Symposium 2024

We Visited IEEE Haptics Symposium 2024

Recently, our team had the opportunity to participate in the Haptic Technology Conference held in Long Beach, California. This gathering wasn’t just about networking; it was a deep dive into the world of haptic technology, offering valuable insights and connections that could shape the future of our industry.

At the conference, we found ourselves immersed in a community passionate about exploring the frontiers of human-machine interaction. While the event had a strong academic focus, we discovered numerous opportunities to collaborate and innovate within our field.

Our sponsored Works-In-Progress poster session included numerous research presentations. We had the opportunity to observe emerging technology trends, ranging from smaller, more advanced actuators to the exploration of thermal sensations, the optimization of software controls and waveform perception, and the integration of ultrasonics for touchless sensations. Discussions on flexible piezo haptic designs, with an emphasis on texture and efficiency, highlighted the evolving landscape of haptic technology and its potential applications.

As we reflect on our experience at the Haptic Technology Conference, we’re excited to leverage the insights gained and forge ahead in our journey of innovation. Stay tuned as we continue to push the boundaries of haptic technology and unlock new possibilities for our industry.

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