Custom Audio Solutions for Your Unique Applications

Custom Audio Solutions for Your Unique Applications

Every project is different, and when a standard off-the-shelf solution doesn’t quite give the results you are after, PUI Audio is here to help create a solution that fits your exact need. Form, Fit, and Function can be custom-tailored on most of our components to meet your specific needs.

Our Audio Engineers are available to consult on your project to help you make the best decisions, optimize your product design for superior results, and rapid prototype a design in as little as 24 hours using one of our 3D printers and measurement systems.

From simple value-added services such as adding lead wires and connectors to components, to full-scale audio product design and consulting, PUI Audio has 50+ years of audio expertise to solve your easiest and your most complex challenges.

How we help our customers:

  • Custom tuned-port, and acoustic suspension enclosure designs
  • Bespoke speaker design
  • Audio component integration
  • Equalization settings and sound file editing
  • Helmholtz chamber designs for piezo benders
  • Complete audio system analysis
  • Piezo-ceramic design
  • Final product testing