Welcome to PUI Audio’s New Website

Welcome to PUI Audio’s New Website

PUI launched the innovative new PUIAudio.com today, a clean, clutter-free experience centered around providing users an easy and streamlined web tool to support their everyday operations.

“Our company motto is ‘When it needs to be heard,’” said CEO Paul Spain. “So, when it came to this project, we knew it was important to base our decisions on our customers, who needed to be heard, and not create this experience in a vacuum.”

After several listening sessions with audio engineers, PUI crafted a digital experience based on what actual users wanted to see and experience on the new website. The company asked questions about what would make the job of engineers easier when designing an audio solution and how they might feel more supported by the company. The resulting revolutionary experience is built with customer requests leading the forefront of the digital navigation, leading to a streamlined experience that is focused more on the customer experience than the company’s goals.

“Our primary goal has always been to support engineers in what they are doing. We prioritized listening and built this website with our customers in mind,” Spain said.

Front and center on the new website is an industry-leading search function, leading customers to exactly whatever it is they are trying to find. The website also includes several new, clutter-free experiences, that lead users into direct communication with the PUI engineering team, so that engineers can work peer to peer to develop customized solutions and innovative product lines to support and solve the problems of the future. Customers can schedule time directly with the engineering team or chat directly with the engineers via the website.

“We’ve never just been an out-of-the-box audio component manufacturer,” Spain said. “Our mission has always been to lead the industry in global innovation. We know that our key differentiator is the engineering support that enhances our products and their ability to be customized. So, we developed this website by listening directly to the innovators, our customers, and providing them with the experience they need to innovate.”

The new website also includes features such as a resource hub, knowledge center, and dynamic product specifications and tools, providing engineers with the necessary information, tools and context they need to put all the pieces together on their next design.

“We could not be more thrilled with the launch of this project,” Spain said. “But it’s important to note that we’re not the audience we’re most eager to hear from. We are waiting on the edges of our seats to hear what the customers think.”

PUI Audio, Inc. is a Dayton-based audio component manufacturer. Founded in 1972, the company has built a strong reputation for its creative solutions and engineering expertise, helping clients in medical, industrial, security and consumer markets to, “Be heard!” no matter what the need.

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