Three Unique Ways Our Clients are Using Microphones to Collect More Than Voices

<strong>Three Unique Ways Our Clients are Using Microphones to Collect More Than Voices</strong>

Microphones aren’t just for voice collection. Here’s three unique ways engineers are putting microphones to use in creative ways to collect data and solve problems. 

  1. Microphones are being used in nature. 

Scientists are developing creative ways to use microphones in the collection of audio as it relates to nature, habitats and environmental protection and sustainability. PUI Audio has worked with some scientists as they’ve set up audio collection points in wilderness areas to collect audio for the detection of certain species, so they can track habitat populations and migratory patterns. Additionally, microphones are being used in nature to collect ambient sounds for use in electronics and soothing sounds to help people sleep!

  1. Water leak detection and flow rate

PUI Audio has seen some creative uses for audio components, and one way in which we see out water-resistant microphones being used is in the collection of audio for the purpose of detecting minute sounds as they relate to water. Through the use of sensitive and water-resistant microphones, we are seeing teams use microphones to detect water leaks, track flow rate and study the movement of water through specific spaces. 

  1. Security and gunshot detection

Another way microphones are being deployed is as a security measure. Microphones can detect via sound the presence of unwanted visitors and even gunshots. With highly-sensitive microphone equipment, we are seeing that our microphones have been used to zero in on the specific sound of gunshots or other noises indicative of a safety breach (like broken glass), and helping alert authorities for quicker response times. 

Many people think of voice when they think of our microphone product category, but these are just three ways we are watching creative and innovative teams think about audio differently, deploying microphones to solve and proactively gather information. Every year, we are helping our clients brainstorm new and unique ways to study and collect audio and continue to push the industry forward.

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