PUI has a long history innovating with piezoelectricity

PUI has a long history innovating with piezoelectricity

PUI Audio has a long history with piezoelectric components, and while piezo electricity has been a large part of our past, this technology is also a big part of our future. 

We started our innovation journey in 1976 with the industry’s first PCB mounted piezo ceramic audio indicator!

When you combine these terms, a PCB-mounted piezo ceramic audio indicator refers to a component that is designed to be mounted directly on a printed circuit board and is capable of generating audio signals using the piezoelectric properties of ceramics. This component is often used to provide audio feedback or alerts in various electronic devices, ranging from household appliances to industrial equipment and consumer electronics.

Since then, piezotronics have been a big part of the product catalog we offer at PUI Audio, and we are committed to expanding and integrating piezoelectric solutions with audio transducers, benders, microphones, ultrasonic, speakers, haptics product line to meet various application needs.

PUI Audio offers not only buzzers but also sensors and actuators based on piezoelectricity. 

For example, you can find our Simple self driven Piezo Indicators  or our Externally driven Piezo Transducers among our digital product catalog. 

And we continue to innovate!

Our new cutting-edge applications, including piezo haptics and lead-free piezo benders are in development and have launched throughout the year. Lead-free applications and options continue to meet important compliance regulations as they change to phase out lead-inclusive options. Our engineers and product development teams have been working to stay ahead of this curve by developing solutions that do not compromise quality as technology and restrictions change. This work will enable our customers to continue to stay in front of regulations as well. 

Curious to learn more about piezoelectronics? Our engineering team is eager to have a conversation with you and help brainstorm solutions for your latest projects. Reach out, and let’s start a conversation. You can chat with an engineer right here on our website, here. 

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