PUI Enhances Focus on Environmentally-Rugged Lines to Withstand the Elements

PUI Enhances Focus on Environmentally-Rugged Lines to Withstand the Elements

Audio components can be small, but they can also be fierce, and at PUI, we put special consideration into our environmentally-rugged lines that help engineers and project managers implement audio solutions in conditions that might scare away most technology manufacturers. 

A lot of times, project engineers don’t know what they need when they set out to solve a problem, but our engineers work with clients one-on-one to solve problems with components that can stand up to even the most rugged environmental conditions. 

Because, when it needs to be heard…or measured…or alerted…it doesn’t matter if it is in rain, wind, under water, or in abnormally high temperatures, PUI helps teams to implement the solutions that get the job done, regardless of conditions. 

That’s why we’ve put special focus on environmentally-rugged lines to withstand all the elements, including earth, air, fire or water. That means our components can stand up to rougher weather conditions, no matter which element–or combination of elements could affect the quality of sound. 

Hi-temp components – PUI Audio high-temperature audio speakers and high-temperature audio receivers that can withstand temperatures beyond normal ranges, meaning that components can be placed in areas outdoors or within other components or mechanisms that heat up as part of their everyday use.

Waterproof and water-resistant components – Audio components are being deployed within industries where components may need to be submerged partially or underwater full time in order to measure, record or alert. Industrial settings are using audio components to measure flow and water levels, and while this is an innovative use of components beyond typical use, components must also be able to withstand the rigors of wet conditions. 

High-definition components – PUI Audio has made significant strides in the use of high-definition audio components, and while at first glance, this might not seem like part of our environmentally-rugged lines, think about how weather conditions like wind or earth, mountains, valleys, foliage and other types of interference could affect the quality of sound. High definition components are able to zero in or extract specific sounds in ways that no other components can, removing obstacles, such as the naturally-occurring environment from being a hurdle to success. 

PUI Audio components are designed thoughtfully to fit into whatever project you are working on, so the best solution is always in reach. Some of our best solutions come from conversations with clients who don’t know what they need, but help our engineers paint a better picture of what they are up against. The more information we have up front, the better and easier it is to identify which types of environmentally-rugged components are needed to complete a project. 

That’s why we always work with engineers and project managers from the beginning to make sure we identify potential problems up front and select components that keep projects and audio clean. We pride ourselves on offering “audio enhanced with expertise,” which means you can count on us to identify the problems–and solve them–before your project even starts. 

Look for more information about our environmentally-rugged lines on the PUI website. Browse products, discuss solutions and explore our resources for deeper dives into the potential of innovative audio solutions. 

Audio enhanced with expertise

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