PUI Audio Simulator Receives Copyright

PUI Audio Simulator Receives Copyright




PUI Audio Simulator receives copyright


Dayton, Oh — The PUI Audio Simulator has received an official copyright notice from the U.S. Department of Copyright, giving PUI customers and distributors exclusive access to one-of-a-kind technology that cannot be duplicated.


The copyright award is an acknowledgement of the uniqueness of the simulator tool, as well as its unmatched and innovative place in the market.


“When we set out to give our customers access to a tool that made their jobs easier and removed barriers to having their products heard, we wanted to do something that had never been done before,” said PUI CEO Paul Spain. “The copyright award from the U.S. Copyright Office is an acknowledgement that we met that goal, and it inspires us to keep delivering new and exciting ways for our customers to continue to be heard in the marketplace.”


The PUI Audio Simulator was officially unveiled company-wide to the PUI sales team and manufacturing representative sales network on February 18 during the national sales kickoff, which took place virtually this year.


The simulation tool is the first in the industry and is a web-based application with the ability to digitally replicate actual frequencies and varying types of sound waves. The tool allows users to log in, explore, select and test audio components before identifying what parts and components they need to implement the exact solution they need.


Users of the simulator are able to experiment with sound variations to identify the exact output they need. Users can then identify the components necessary to achieve the desired goals and reach out to the sales team for quotes and solutions. Users unsure of what types of components they might need, can take the tool a step further and utilize the product wizard, answering a few simple questions to identify the right mix.


PUI first designed the tool to replicate the benefits of an in-person meeting with a PUI representative during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the company embarked on the project, Spain said the team realized the benefits of the project would have far reaching benefits beyond the temporary need for a virtual solution.


Spain said PUI is currently developing additional ways to enhance the tool, and plans to roll out continuous upgrades to the application throughout the coming years.


“Our goal will forever be to provide our customers access to expertise that empower them to be heard,” he said. “We are making a concentrated investment to continue to innovate ways to enhance audio components with expertise and give our customers the peace of mind they need to get their products right, the first time.” The simulator is currently available to PUI’s existing customer base, as well as through the company’s website and other channels, so that anyone can use it, following registration on the application.


PUI Audio, Inc. is a Dayton-based audio component manufacturer. Founded in 1972, the company has built a strong reputation for its creative solutions and engineering expertise, helping clients in medical, industrial, security and consumer markets to, “Be heard!” no matter what the need.


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