PUI Audio: Ready for the Future

PUI Audio: Ready for the Future

All this year, we’ve been celebrating PUI Audio’s 50th Anniversary. We’ve worked to fulfill our mission to lead the industry in global innovation by listening to our customers and partners about what they need to push the industry forward. 

Earlier this year, we moved into our new office, where we have doubled down on collaboration and innovation. We’ve improved our processes and systems, invited our customers and sales reps into the conversation and truly opened our doors–and ears–to listen to what you’ve had to say. 

We’ve taken what you had to say, and we are carrying it with us to make our 51st year the best one yet. 

We are continuing to invest in our digital experiences to make the job of the engineer even easier by providing tools and resources that support the way they’ve told us they prefer to work. 

We are introducing new products and lines, including our new haptics products, which move PUI Audio into a full sensory experience. 

We became the first audio supplier in our industry to partner with SnapEDA for an intuitive, digital product viewer experience. 

We added NPI such as Bone Conduction MEMS Microphones and Low Current Magnetic Transducers.

As we move toward an even stronger 2023, we are committed to investments that spark creativity and innovation for our customers. We’ve made it even easier to brainstorm with our engineers, solve problems and develop creative solutions that lead to new ideas and products. 

We are investing in education for the next generation of audio and micro engineers, so that these young innovators have access to the tools and support they need to keep coming up with new ideas and fan the passion of the future. 

And more so now than ever, we are widening our communications channels, making it even easier for you to not just get a hold of us, but work and collaborate with our team on your ideas. 

Committing to innovation doesn’t just mean coming up with new ideas and hoping they work. We are pushing the industry forward by truly immersing ourselves in the industry we serve, linking arms and marching forward into a new and exciting tomorrow. We’ve been thrilled to celebrate 50 years, but we are even more excited about 51–and beyond.

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PUI has set the industry standard for custom solutions that deliver customer satisfaction when it’s needed the most. Don’t let your solution get boxed in by what’s been done before. Chat with our engineers to determine what solutions can work for whatever problem you are trying to solve.