Industries we serve.

PUI Audio aims to be the global leader of innovative audio solutions. When it needs to be heard across industries, PUI Audio ensures important information is heard clearly, quickly and efficiently.

  • Medical

    When it needs to be heard in a medical setting

    PUI Audio can power the patient experience, ensuring vital information is communicated and understood, expediting needs and keeping the focus on patient care.

  • Industrial

    When it needs to be heard in an industrial setting

    PUI Audio ensures alerts and monitors are heard when sound is responsible for ensuring safety and accuracy.

  • Security

    When it needs to be heard to keep you safe.

    Audio is a crucial component in security devices and settings to keep you safe and aware of critical situations.

  • Consumer Products

    When it needs to be heard at home or on the go.

    PUI knows consumer electronics. Whether it is in your home or with you wherever you go, PUI knows that notifications, sound quality and sensory alerts are important on all of your consumer electronics and devices.

An example of the Audio Simulator app

Tune into the PUI Audio Simulator.

Explore the first-in-the-industry simulation tool, a web-based application with the ability to digitally replicate actual frequencies and varying types of sound waves.

Explore, select and test audio components before identifying what parts and components they need to implement the exact solution they need.

Experiment with sound variations to identify the exact output needed.

Identify the components necessary to achieve the desired goals.

Utilize the product wizard, answering a few simple questions to identify the right mix.

Explore our expertise.

We pride ourselves on giving you the information you need to make informed decisions and enhance your projects. Our knowledge and resource centers answer common questions and provide industry insights to keep you well informed and knowledgeable about what is coming next.

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The possibilities are limitless
Ask an engineer.

PUI has set the industry standard for custom solutions that deliver on customer satisfaction when it’s needed the most. Don’t let your solution get boxed in by what’s been done before. Chat with our engineers to determine what solutions can work for whatever problem you are trying to solve.

  • Ask a question
  • Discuss solutions
  • Talk through ideas
  • Brainstorm

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