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PUI Audio is dedicated to pushing past the limits of technology to introducing new products and innovations in audio engineering. Our latest products are leading to solutions across industries that solve problems, implement new processes and save live with sound and sensory experiences that embody our passion for “When it needs to be heard.”

Standard or purpose-built, our engineers are the best in the industry and can solve any audio or haptic component challenge.

And that is what drives us to innovate.

Our biggest and brightest innovations come from brainstorming with clients like you. Reach out. Chat with an engineer, and let’s solve something together.

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Product categories.

  • Microphones

    Complementing PUI Audio’s sound-generating products, we offer a full line of electret condenser microphones, analog MEMS microphones, and digital MEMS microphones. With sizes as small as 2.75 x 1.85 x 0.90mm, PUI Audio’s microphone line-up makes finding the right solution easy.

  • Speakers & Receivers

    PUI Audio’s speaker selection includes everything from our 13mm SMD speaker to 5-inch, full-range speakers and larger. When an application requires a wide frequency range, music or voice reproduction, our speakers will answer the call.

  • Indicators

    PUI Audio’s Indicators are a simple, self-driven, drop-in solution for applications requiring a simple tone or siren sound. Our indicators are designed to offer the most efficient solution by combing the useful balance of fit, form, and function.

  • Benders

    The simplest of PUI Audio’s products, our piezo benders, offer the perfect solution where space is at a premium, multiple tones are required, and high output, as well as low power consumption, are a must. These externally driven elements are found in all varieties of products, from media players to smoke detectors. They can even be used as switches and contact microphones.

  • Haptics

    Sometimes, it needs to be felt more than it needs to be heard. And for that, PUI has introduced haptic technology to our lineup of components, ensuring that when a tactile response or alert is necessary it can be felt clearly.

  • Transducers

    PUI Audio’s Transducers provide convenient solutions to difficult audio requirements. Presented in a variety of styles, PUI Audio’s transducers allow product designers to leverage the power of their own drive circuit or processor to achieve the exact tone, or multiple tones, their design requires, with the ability to vary SPL.

  • Ultrasonics

    Although the typical adult human hearing range is between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz, some audio devices require the ability to be heard outside this range. For example, products designed to alert animals or children, teens or other subsets are sometimes necessary to get some messages heard. This is where ultrasonic sound comes into play, and PUI Audio offers solutions for this as well.

New Mems Pressure Sensors

We work closely with engineers, designers, original equipment manufactures, contract manufacturers, and consultants to deliver unique solutions using the latest in design and simulation software.

Buzzers Expansion

After a preliminary design is agreed upon, PUI Audio builds a prototype in as little as 24 hours using one of three in-house 3D printers and assembles it in our engineering lab.


When the prototype is complete, we test it for proof-of-concept using three different measurement systems for triple confirmation of performance and then send it to you for final evaluations.

New Mems Microphone

Once you are happy with the design and performance, we work with the factory to ensure the best practices in manufacturability are used to deliver a solution that meets your needs.

Audio enhanced with expertise.

PUI has set the industry standard for custom solutions that deliver customer satisfaction when it’s needed the most. Don’t let your solution get boxed in by what’s been done before. Chat with our engineers to determine what solutions can work for whatever problem you are trying to solve.