Part Number



  • 100mm length UL1571 30AWG Wire
  • For non-standard wire lead lengths or wire gauges please contact PUI Audio
  • 50mm dia. x 0.41mm thick piezo element


  • Low Power Consumption
  • Reliable and Lightweight
  • Direct TTL or CMOS Drive
  • Can be supplied without leads or in housing
  • This part is RoHS 2002/95/EC compliant


  • Bender Dia: 50.00 mm
  • Ceramic Dia: 25.00 mm
  • Total Thickness: 0.41 mm

Electrical Specifications

Capacitance40000 ± 30% pF
Feedback ElectrodeNo
Input Voltage30 Vp-p
Resonant Frequency2700 ± 500 Hz