Part Number



  • May be used as a headphone driver or a dynamic microphone
  • Designed for use in headphones, headsets, and handsets
  • Protective grill helps to keep particles out


  • 32-ohm impedance for use with most amplifiers and Codecs
  • Wide 60 Hz to 10,000 Hz frequency response
  • Open-back frame for improved sound reproduction


  • Height: 6.80 mm
  • Width: 29.80 mm
  • Length: 29.80 mm

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range0.06-10kHz
Impedance32 Ohm ± 15%
Maximum Input0.03 W
Rated Input0.02 W
Resonant Frequency300 ± 50Hz
Sound Pressure Level @ 10 cm (Typ.)115 dB @ 1cm