Part Number



  • Designed for use with the UT-1640K-TT-2-R
  • Wide 80° directivity for off-axis reception
  • Used to measure distances up to 10 meters
  • Uses high frequency for determining distance in the proper circuit


  • Resilient aluminum housing with protective grill
  • Used to detect glass breakage and water flow with appropriate circuits
  • Great for use as an alternative to photoelectric sensors where light detection is limited


  • Height: 12.20 mm
  • Width: 16.20 mm
  • Length: 16.20 mm

Electrical Specifications

Operating Voltage20 Vrms
Rated Current (Max.)NA
Rated Voltage20 Vrms
Resonant Frequency40kHz ± 1kHz
Sound Pressure Level @ 10 cm (Min.)NA