High quality audio is becoming the determining factor when distinguishing between products and driving sales. When the sound quality of your product is on the line, choose high fidelity speakers from
PUI Audio.


PUI Audio’s 4 ohm AS03204MS-3-R and 8 ohm AS03208MS-3-R pack a punch despite their 32mm size. A 4W max power handling and great sensitivity combine for small speakers that create as much as 85 dB of sound at one meter! Both are IP67 rated on their face.


The AS03908AS-R features a large 20mm voice coil that dissipates heat through the open pole-piece design for 8W max power handling, and 4.5mm Xmax allows for low-frequency reproduction; unheard of in a speaker that measures only 39mm square.


AS06004PS-R and AS06008PS-R speakers from PUI Audio not only pack maximum punch into a 66.8mm square, flat-panel speaker that measures only 26.5mm high, they also exhibit extremely flat off-axis response out to 20 kHz. Choose the 4 ohm or 8 ohm version and experience high fidelity output of up to 92 dB from 1 meter away.


The 92mm diameter AS09208AR-R is truly a jack-of-all-trades. Not only does it offer top-notch musicality and vocal performance, it does a fantastic job of providing real bass response down to 60 Hz in a variety of enclosures! Maximum output is up to 94 dB at 1 meter with 15W.


New for 2018


PUI Audio's AS06606SR-R is a small, high output, silk dome tweeter designed for frequencies above 2 kHz. Allowing it to be used for siren applications (it can hit 2.7 kHz @ over 100 dB at 1 meter, or 120 dB @ 10cm) and can also be used in combination with other speakers for high fidelity applications.



Steel frames, rubber surrounds, and glass fiber cones make the 4 ohm AS08304CR-R and 8 ohm AS08308CR-R weather-resistant without sacrificing sound quality. The magnetically shielded motors prevent stray magnetic fields from affecting nearby sensitive electronics, and combine with high-power ¾” diameter voice coils for a 15W max power speaker that can generate over 94 dB of output from 100 Hz to 20 kHz at 1 meter.


The Copperhead Series was designed to create a family sound across three different speaker sizes:

• 36mm AS03608AS-R (in green above)
• 53mm AS05308AS-R (in red above)
• 78mm AS07808AS-R (in blue above)

PUI Audio chose a specialized coating material and magnesium-aluminum alloy cones. Optimized magnetic motors achieve superior frequency response and output,
with minimized harmonic distortion.
All feature frequency response to 40 kHz.

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