If you’re only buying parts, that’s part of the problem.

That’s not acceptable. And definitely not exceptional.

What is?

Industry-leading testing above and beyond spec. 100% in-line testing during manufacture followed by 100% end-of-the-line testing before anything leaves the manufacturing facility. When the product reaches our Dayton, Ohio headquarters, it gets another ANSI standard Z 1.4 sample lot inspection. All test data is captured electronically to identify and analyze trends. Only then do we offer our product to our distributors and customers.

PUI Audio’s inventory is maintained in an immaculate climate-controlled warehouse. In addition to B&K SoundCheck testing equipment, we have our own pick-and-place machines, reflow ovens, wave solder, and aqueous wash machines. With this equipment on-site, we can replicate our customers’ manufacturing processes and procedures.

We can also address customer concerns or manufacturing challenges with HALT/HASS testing equipment, x-ray capabilities, and optical comparators, for an unmatched level of support and assistance to our customers.

PUI Audio is the choice of thousands of audio product customers, from garage entrepreneurs to the world’s leading medical device engineering teams. Every day we are exceeding our customers’ expectations with intricate testing, superior customer service, and informed local representatives and engineers.

This is why PUI Audio is known as the company with the sound solution.

"Every day we are exceeding our customers’ expectations . . ."